The Ultimate Guide to
Christmas in Dublin with Kids

The Ultimate Guide to Christmas in Dublin with Kids

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Our ultimate guide to Christmas in Dublin. Discover the top things to do in Dublin at Christmas with kids, 2018.

Discover Christmas in Dublin with all the family. From Christmas Pantos, Family Christmas Shows, Children’s Workshops, Where to visit Santa in Dublin, Christmas Films for Children, Where to go Ice-Skating in Dublin and Christmas Markets  – we have rounded up the very best of what to do in Dublin at Christmas with kids. See below for our top lists of the best of what’s on offer in Dublin. EDIT: **We’ve just added our Guide to Christmas gifts below and also have added our take on how big impact gifts don’t have to be expensive**

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1. Christmas Pantos & Family Shows in Dublin for Kids

It wouldn’t be Christmas without taking in a Christmas Panto in Dublin. From Fairy Tale Characters to star-studded shows for all the family, it’s a real treat for kids of all ages. If Pantos aren’t your thing we’ve added a few gorgeous Christmas shows for kids in too. We’re really looking forward to The National Concert Hall show this year where you can expect some lovely heart-warming treats from Ireland’s most amazing theatre-makers, Theatre Lovett, and the Christmas Orchestra. See details below.

2. Where to Visit Santa in Dublin & Charming Christmas Experiences around Ireland

Meeting the big man himself, Santa and all his elves is a very special affair indeed. We’ve rounded up the best list of the most charming Christmas experiences and where to visit Santa. From an Enchanted Forest at Luggwoods to taking a train at Rathwood making your visit to Santa a special one for your little ones. We’ve also included a few places around Ireland to meet Santa that we adore. So if you nearby definitely check them out for a little extra special magic.

Wild Lights at Dublin Zoo – while not quite your typical Christmas experience but for the Winter it’s a really magical experience for kids (and adults). The ocean theme this year is timely and we really hope this turns into an annual event every year at Dublin Zoo!

3. Where to go Ice-Skating in Dublin

Nothing like a twirl on the ice in Dublin as different ice-rinks pop-up around the city for Christmas. See our post on of all the dates, details and ticket prices of ice-skating in Dublin or check them out on the links below.

4. Christmas Films & Cinema for Kids in Dublin.

The Lighthouse Cinema have a really fab line-up of Christmas films in December for all the family.

Aaaaand, the one we have literally been waiting for all year! Disney’s “Mary Poppins Returns,” an all-new original musical and sequel, Mary Poppins is back to help the next generation of the Banks family.

5. Christmas Markets in Dublin for 2018

Hot chocolate and Christmas Crafts! Here are our favourite Christmas Markets announced for Dublin so far this year.

5. Our Christmas Gift Guide for Kids! 🙂

With a large extended family with kids ranging from 2 to 15, with cousins, nieces and nephews that seem to grow by the second it’s hard to keep up with all the different interests (that sometimes change daily!). So every year we seem to end up using our tried and tested strategy of you can’t go wrong with LEGO and mixing in some of the adorable kits and books below.

That said we always try to buy gifts that empower children’s creativity and inspire a sense of curiosity and wonder for the world while also being playful.

There are a few brands of kits and toys for children that we are really huge fans of, and for a lot of different reasons.

  • Kiwi Box, we really couldn’t be bigger fans of this company. They create insanely well-crafted and very reasonably priced activity boxes for kids – from toddlers to teenagers, you can choose a different age and theme (craft, science, atlas explorers etc) that arrive to your door every month. They are kind of like the parenting fairies of the toy world!  They also do lovely gift cards which are great for friends and family so they can customise their own. Highly recommend trying them out.
  • Ozobots these are magic little robots that are really great as a first introduction into coding but actually fun to use! If you have someone who loves colouring or drawing – these magic little robots will blow their minds! 🙂

But remember too that great Christmas gifts don’t have to be expensive to have a big impact.

Drawing pencils or an easel and a set of oil paints, modelling clay, some beautiful colouring books or a really great activity book (see our top 20 list here) — Something they can get their hands on and experiment with their own creativity and be playful with. If we had to pick one small gift, it would be this totally gorgeous Finger Art Painting book (kids of all ages and even adults love this book!) there’s really nothing like it and it will give hours of fun time and time again!

A new board game for all the family to play is always a treat and a great way for everyone to spend time together over the Christmas Holidays.

Remember it’s the playful days and the time we spend together that makes those precious happy memories 🙂 

Looking for fun things to do in Dublin with kids?

**Bear in mind we only ever link to things we really love ourselves or we consistently would recommend to our own family and friends (as you’ll guess from our event guide already). We started this blog as a way to  find better quality events and experiences for parents. We try to take the thinking out of planning days out and only recommend what we would to our own nearest and dearest. We also don’t link to products unless they are really pretty great, but when we do it’s good to know that we sometimes get a small fraction of the sale price as a thank you for sending business to a particular website**  

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Get our newsletter! Get handpicked events, activities and things to do in Dublin for your family. Make some memories & discover the playful side of the city.

Get our newsletter! Get handpicked events, activities and things to do in Dublin for your family. Make some memories & discover the playful side of the city.

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